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  • Lanarkshire carpet cleaning help (2/24/2014) - I am wanting to help anyone in Lanarkshire who have any questions regarding any cleaning issues. We specialise in Carpet and upholstery cleaning, as well as hard floor cleaning and restoration. If you have any questions I am more than happy to help. You can contact me through the TACCA website or click
  • Spilt milk in a vehicle ? (12/18/2013) - What to do if you spill dairy products or any liquid which carried bacteria
  • How to find qualified carpet cleaning companies online (8/20/2013) - Clean homes are healthy homes! Many forget that a well maintained home or business environment is not only good for productivity, but affects our everyday health! Carpets are a haven to a wide range of invisible visitors from [...]
  • Carpet cleaning to prevent allergies and hayfever in the summer (8/19/2013) - It’s especially important to keep your home clean and healthy over the summer months – the fun of hosting parties, barbecues and open house events can last all season, but keeping your upholstery and carpet clean during this [...]
  • All Carpet Cleaners Are Not The Same (7/19/2013) - Why do the buying public believe that all carpet cleaners are the same and regardless of how much, or little they are willing to pay, the outcome will be the same?
  • Automotive cleaning – Why book a pro? (4/12/2013) - How do we differentiate between your local "hand car wash centre" and a "proper" valeting service?

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