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  • What causes dirty marks under doors and along skirtings? (10/23/2011) - Filtration soil may appear as dark or grayish lines on carpet along walls, stairways and under doors. It is caused by airflow over and through carpet, allowing fine soils to settle on the surface. It is often caused by an improperly balanced ventilation system, when the volume of air entering a room exceeds the system’s capacity to remove air from the room.
  • How often should carpets be cleaned? (10/23/2011) - To extend the life of your carpet you will need to clean it often. A dirty carpet contains soil and debris that wear your carpet’s fibres. Carpet cleaning removes these damaging particles, leaving you with the question; How often should you clean your carpet?
  • Carpet stain removal advice (10/23/2011) - Accidents and spillages don’t have to become stains. The sooner you treat a spill, the more easily the dirt will come out. However, there are a number of tips and tricks that could help you finally remove that stubborn stain and stop you discarding or replacing a cushion or carpet that you thought was ruined, but can be rescued!
  • BBC Watchdog: Carpet cleaning rogue traders (11/11/2011) - Consumer advice & information.
  • Carpet repairs, patching and re-weaving advice (11/21/2011) - Stains like dye spots, bleach spills or damage like cigarette or coal burns can easily be fixed through retufting , reweaving or patching, we have over many years accumulated vast amounts of yarns from manufacturers which we use for reweaving but this is not nesessary for most small retufts or reweaves.
  • How to choose a carpet cleaner? (12/9/2011) - Choosing a local carpet cleaner can be a difficult challenge for home owners and facilities management teams. With so much choice and the ease of contacting cleaners in your area using the internet – finding someone may be easy, but finding someone who will provide a quality service is still a challenge.

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