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Kirsty's Kids

Kirsty’s Kids


The Kirsty Bryden Memorial Trust: Raising cash to help children who are in need of special care and in doing so keeping up the work to which Kirsty devoted her life.

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Prior to Kirsty’s death she had started to follow in her father’s footsteps and become madly keen on motorcycling.  Kirsty became the proud owner of an ex riding school 12 hp small motorbike which had seen a hard life.

Kirsty began planning to travel round the UK on her bike to raise £10,000s for ‘her kids’.  To Kirsty all children who were sick or in need of care were ‘her children’. She spend two hours laughing and planning the trip with her father before leaving the family home – sadly she never returned  having been killed in a road traffic accident two miles from the family home.

After reflecting on Kirsty’s life John  has decided to honour his daughter and her devotion in helping sick and terminally ill children and her dogmatic determination to raise money for ‘her kids’.

How can you help ?

If you are touched by Kirsty’s unselfish approach to helping others, you can help today by:

  • Making a contribution to the Kirsty Bryden Memorial Trust
  • You could also help her Dad when he is on the road trying to raise funds for the Trust, which in turn will be spent to help others

All proceeds to the Trust go to Kirstys kids directly the trust does not take any cash for administration this is funded by Sponsors and good will assistance.


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