Join The Approved Carpet Cleaners Alliance

TACCA is a community of carpet cleaners who promote best practice through learning and investing in their own businesses, while helping others in our industry to raise standards,

This is done through our training days, social media and the internet, investing money and time into educating the public to a better understanding of our profession. There’s more to cleaning than spraying water and sucking it back up again and with our dedication and passion we aim to let the world know this. The internet is our platform to get the word out. Join us and let’s promote carpet cleaning to the masses through sharing, tweeting and blogging.

Why Join TACCA?

Alongside using our logo, there are many additional benefits to joiining TACCA:

  • We hold training days throughout the year to help you not only become a better cleaner, but also marketing seminars to help you grow your business.
  • We have a very active social media forum which will answer all your cleaning and marketing questions, you’ll make many new friends on there and you’ll regularly see work posted as referals.
  • You will also get direct work from our main website which (if approved) you’ll have your very own page which will rank on the internet in your area.
  • We are also actively seeking discounts from suppliers and other related industry’s to offer our members even more value for their membership fee, and this include a great line up of new training courses which are exclusively discounted for TACCA members who also get first pick of the ltd places available.
  • The TACCA website ranks very high on the internet all over the UK and with a new push we can only get further and further up the google charts, this in turn will generate serious leads for our members.
  • We will also be advertising our site in national magazines to help get the word out that TACCA approved carpet cleaners are TRAINED TRUSTED and APPROVED.

Criteria to join TACCA

To join TACCA you must be able to offer the complete package, Hot water extraction, bonneting, encapping and dry compound cleaning. We accept applications from carpet cleaners including new startups, ex franchise carpet cleaners and franchised carpet cleaners. Please make sure you have read the following before applying, If you don’t quite fit criteria, please email us with details and we can advise accordingly.

To join you must show you have the necessary equipment, training and insurance to provide a quality service:

    1. Hot water extraction machine (spotting machine, portable or Truckmount) or Agitation machine (mechanical agitation. CRB, Rotary etc)
    2. Full insurance
    3. At least 2 forms of recognised training. (IICRC, NCCA, TACCA, Cleansmart are all recognised by us, We may consider other forms of training, please enquire if unsure)
    4. You will be required to keep up with training through events and other training courses.
    5. More information and the application process here

How to apply for membership

  1. You must first REGISTER to use our site here
  2. Wait for your confirmation email with your username and random password
  3. Follow the instructions in your welcome email to login.
  4. Return to this page.
  5. If you are logged in: You can click the Green SUBMIT APPLICATION button below. Please take your time to fill out the application form. Instructions are given on the right of the application form to help you fill it out correctly, please provide as much detail as possible – so we can approve your application quickly without the need to contact you.
  6. once completed and submitted we will assess your application and if all is well, will approve your application and you will get an email saying you can login to pay for your listing.
  7. Once you have logged in to pay, your listing will automatically be published.
  8. Check your insurance expiry date as we will automatically remove listings with out of date insurrance documents, so it is your responsibility to upload a new insurance document when it renews.

Please note
– Please allow 30 minutes to complete your application.
– You will need your business insurance details and your business logo.


Our promise to the consumer

We do everything in our power to make sure all our members are trained, kitted out with the best equipment, fully insured and are totally trusted in our industry, once we have done this it is up to you the public, to help us maintain our members by giving good, honest feedback when using them, All feedback is checked and cross checked to make sure our members are giving the best possible service to our consumers. If we receive low scores we publish these and hope our members will up their game, if we get unresolved issues and find in favour of the consumer we immediately dismiss our member until they resolve the issue at hand. Our motto is simple, we all make mistakes, it’s how you handle those mistakes that make you who you are.


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