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Joining our constantly growing community of carpet cleaners has many benefits. Firstly, your company will be given a business profile page on TACCA’s website which includes a link to your own website and space for an in-depth description of the services you provide. Customers are able to comment and leave reviews of your business on TACCA and your business profile on the site acts as a lead generation tool for potential customers to contact you.

By registering you will also have access to our secure members-only forum where you can share advice, ask questions, pick up tips and read informative community articles and news. In the carpet cleaning industry it’s a networking tool second to none and registration is easily available online today.

We aim to cover both ends of the spectrum as a marketing and networking tool for your cleaning business. Our private members-only forums ensure you get the correct advice from the best in the industry with fully featured forums, full of experienced and helpful members of TACCA who can offer tips on any topic from your equipment, chemicals, treating tough stains right through to marketing advice and a For Sale board! At the other end of the spectrum our publicly visible article publishing facility means you can post your news, tips or advice using the submission feature through your ‘My Account’ control panel.

The TACCA website is currently ranked higher than any of our member’s websites, which means that absolutely everyone benefits from publishing on it. If you have news or an article about your business and you’re considering publishing it on Facebook or your own blog, please consider that by publishing on the TACCA website your article or news has a much higher chance of appearing in the Google search results and your news will get much more traffic, increasing the exposure for your business. Your ‘author signature’ and biography will appear at the end of every article you publish, meaning that you get the credit and the opportunity to advertise your business. If the customer clicks on your name, they are taken directly to your website.

Even if you don’t want to write and publish blog posts, there are endless benefits from frequently logging in and engaging on our forums. These online discussions help build a sense of community with other trusted cleaning professionals in the industry.

By networking online you can educate other TACCA members with different tips and tricks, safe in the knowledge that there is a barrier to entry in terms of expertise as every member has to be approved upon registering. The forums are not only an opportunity to improve your own techniques, but getting friendly with members on the limits of your regional coverage can be mutually beneficial when it comes to sharing jobs and collaborating on bigger tasks.

Unless you are a large organisation with heaps of cash lying around to spend on SEO, it can be very difficult to climb the rankings on Google. TACCA presents a unique opportunity to increase the visibility of your business without spending a fortune. Sign up today and get started!


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