What is TACCA?

The Approved Carpet Cleaners Alliance

TACCA is an established alliance for UK carpet cleaners that was formed in March 2011, dedicated to raising the public profile of the profession and helping our members reach more customers. The founding members from right across the UK began with extensive online discussions about how to change the public opinions about carpet cleaning.

We wanted to find a means of educating the public about the pitfalls of certain carpet cleaning methods and also demonstrate the value for money they get when choosing carpet cleaners who know what they are doing. Together we put out a request to find like-minded carpet cleaners who could join together to make a difference and take on the inferior carpet cleaning alternatives out there. Within 2 weeks of launching our website  – TACCA has already got 120 listed members and 200 more have registered interest.

Our promise to the consumer

We will do everything in our power to make sure all our members are trained, ‘kitted-out’ with the best equipment, fully insured and well trusted in our industry, once we have done this. it’s up to you the public, to help us maintain the quality our member database, by giving good, honest feedback after a job is completed by one of our members. All feedback is checked and cross-checked to make sure our members are giving the best possible service to our customers. If we receive low scores, we publish these and hope our members will ‘up their game’. If we get unresolved issues and find ‘in-favour’ of the customer, we will suspend the company’s membership and their listing from our website, until they resolve the issue at hand.

How can I join TACCA?

Are you passionate about what you do? Are you actively looking to improve training & specialist skills? Would you consider purchasing new equipment in order to improve the quality of your service? Is your main priority happy customers?  If so, then we really want you to join us and help expand the influence of our alliance.

To join you must show you have the necessary equipment, training and insurance to provide a quality service:

  1. Hot water extraction machine (spotting machine, portable or Truckmount) or Agitation machine (mechanical agitation. CRB, Rotary etc)
  2. Fully insurance
  3. At least 2 forms of recognised training. (IICRC, NCCA, TACCA, Cleansmart are all recognised by us, We may consider other forms of training, please enquire if unsure)
  4. You will be required to keep up with training through events and other training courses.
  5. More information and the application process here

What are the benefits of joining TACCA?

Once you have been approved, you will receive a business profile page which will be listed on the map.

Your business profile page gives you:

  • A link to your website
  • Space for a comprehensive description of your business
  • An optional business youtube video
  • Business photos & logo
  • Customer comments/reviews
  • Your contact details for prospective customers
  • “What is TACCA” flyers to give to your customer.

Other membership benefits

  • Access to our secure members-only forums
  • Receive jobs from local members who will gladly refer you if they are too far away or too busy
  • Facilities to submit press releases, informative articles and news on the website
  • Get tips from other members on difficult or tricky stains/jobs etc

In general, we are a community of like-minded carpet cleaners who can work together to really make a difference!

Join TACCA today.

MEMBERSHIP INFORMATIONJoin us now, and let’s put the professional back into carpet cleaning!