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We use professional equipment, experience and extensive training in carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, leather cleaning and leather restoration techniques, to provide a quality service that delivers amazing results at affordable prices.

With thorough training in the latest spot stain removal techniques and the best cleaning solutions, we use high quality professional cleaning solutions to loosen dirt and stains from your carpet or upholstery fibres whilst extracting hot water under high pressure back to the waste tank in our van. With a van mounted system we use our own electricity, water and waste tank for the convenience of our customers, whilst the petrol-driven engine provides powerful suction to give an impressive clean and rapid drying times.

  • Just like all the other members of TACCA, we are well trained in carpet and upholstery cleaning best practice, cleaning solutions and aware of the precautions and potential damage that can be caused by incorrect techniques.
  • We use carpet cleaning agitation machines to loosen soils deep down in the carpet pile and release deep-set stains.
  • Without thorough rinsing techniques your carpets will appear clean at first, but are susceptible to wicking and rapid re-soiling.
  • We rinse the loosened dirt from deep in the carpet pile using high temperature water jets applied through the extraction wand and immediately extracted under high pressure, taking the water along with any soiling out of the building to our van’s waste tank.

Investment in cleaning equipment & training

Our investment in equipment and training ensures that our customers are always satisfied with the results and means we can continue to build our great reputation across Cheshire for the quality of our cleaning services.

Leather Cleaning & Restoration Service Cheshire

Leather cleaning without risking damage, requires training, the correct techniques and the right solutions and colourants. The wrong solutions can damage leather so we take great care to identify the specific type and treatment of leather, and provide a quality, long lasting clean for your furniture, chairs, suites or even leather bags.

Leather can easily become damaged, through over aggressive cleaning, rips and scratches from zips and belts or dye transfer, which looks like dirt, but is actually the dye from your clothes, (jeans are the main cause) which stain into the leather and cannot be cleaned out.

This is when you need your leather restored by an experienced leather restoration technician such as ourselves, whether you have a rip, scuff or full colouration, whatever it takes we’ll get your leather furniture back to like-new at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning Cheshire, Warrington, Crewe, Northwich, Runcorn, Winsford, Middlewich, Tarporley, Knutsford, Frodsham, Tarvin, Kelsall and Cuddington. Call today for a free no obligation quotation or just to get our advice about your carpet cleaning requirements: 01606 74298



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Hi I'm Derek and along with my wife Sian, We own and operate Arcadia rug spa where we clean nothing but rugs in our well equipped Rug Cleaning spa in Hartford Cheshire, We have a passion for perfection and are committed to doing an amazing job at cleaning your precious and beautiful area rugs, From a small tufted to a grand persian hand knotted, silk viscose, antique or modern, we have the same specialist and passionate commitment to cleaning and caring to the highest standard possible with your most valuable rug possessions.
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