Carpet repairs, patching and re-weaving advice

November 21, 2011 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Consumer Advice

Many clients are un-aware that even if a small stain that cannot be removed through cleaning can be removed by repairing the area.

Stains like dye spots, bleach spills or damage like cigarette or coal burns can easily be fixed through retufting , reweaving or patching, we have over many years accumulated vast amounts of yarns from manufacturers which we use for reweaving but this is not nesessary for most small retufts or reweaves.

Most clients will have a piece of spare carpet in the loft or a mat they have made from an off-cut, even if no spare carpet is available tufts may be harvested from the edge of the carpet or a corner that’s not visible.

Repairing carpets can be fiddly and time consuming so lots of patience is nesessary, most retufts and reweaves are invisible when carried out by a skilled technician and can be stronger than the original carpet, a repair to a client’s carpet can save a client hundreds to thousands of pounds compared to replacement

I have over the last 20 years carried our repairs to carpets where removal through cleaning is not possible or a viable option.

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