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The Approved Carpet Cleaning Alliance is a respected trade alliance which aims to promote good carpet and upholstery cleaning practices by educating our members and the general public.

It is also a forum for cleaners and their customers to get together, promoting a dialogue to help raise industry standards and make it easier for people to find the right cleaner for them.

We’ve completely rebuilt the TACCA website, making it much more straightforward for prospective customers to find approved cleaners in their area and for us to promote the industry and educate the public about the pitfalls of certain cleaning methods and what to look for in a cleaner. Having a fully trained, insured and trusted cleaner will give you the best value for money, and The Approved Carpet Cleaning Alliance website is the resource that helps you find one where you live. You can leave reviews of our members- positive or negative- all with the aim of improving the standards of services delivered.

Using the post code search, customers can find local cleaners with the TACCA seal of approval, which means they are professionally trained, experienced and insured. By giving these experts work, you not only ensure that your money will be well spent, but you help these businesses in their struggle against rogue traders, preventing them from negatively impacting the image of the industry as a whole.

Customers use the TACCA website because they know their members have to meet a certain set of criteria in order to be included on the database. These include having a hot water extraction machine with minimum extraction pressure power and twin vacuums; owning at least one rotary machine and some form of mechanical agitation; being fully insured and having at least two forms of recognised training. We even hold our own training events so industry experts can get together with business owners to improve the quality of the service they deliver even further.

We also make sure the website is constantly updated with useful articles, blog posts and advice about cleaning that will benefit both cleaning business owners and customers alike. If you are a home or commercial property owner, TACCA is your first port of call when you need to find a reliable professional carpet or upholstery cleaner.


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TACCA – We are committed to bringing all the professional carpet cleaners in the UK together as active members of our association. We aim to promote the benefits of using a professional, approved carpet cleaner and to help the public find a high quality, local carpet cleaning service provider.
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