Dry Cleaning; A solution for Delicate Rugs

March 23, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Consumer Advice

Keeping carpets clean can be an ongoing battle, and one that is made worse when you have pets and young children or delicate carpets that cannot be wet cleaned. Some decades ago now the first wet vacuum cleaners were introduced in the market; to the horror of many however they did little more than destroy their rugs. The reason behind this is quite simple in many cases; certain types of carpets and rugs are simply not designed to get wet.

When you have spent a large amount of money on a carpet that contains wool or other delicate fibres the biggest mistake that you could probably make is to try and clean it with a wet vacuum cleaner. A wet woolen rug will smell absolutely awful, and even when it dries you will not see the results that you were looking for. A woolen rug will often dry stained or out of shape and it is even common to see severe shrinkage that will totally ruin the overall aspect of your room.

Wool is not the only type of carpet that is not designed to get wet however; many delicate fibre carpets will simply become destroyed by harsh cleaning methods, the mistakes you make being very costly indeed.If you are unsure of the makeup of your rugs or whether you can wet or steam clean them you should contact your Professional carpet cleaners in Bath; the professional are used to tackling different types of rugs and stains on a daily basis.

One service available from your Carpet Cleaning company is a Dry Chem clean. The Dry Chem method of cleaning uses around 80% less water than a standard wet clean, and with the power to destroy virtually all allergens with the use of non-harsh chemicals, even the most delicate of rugs can be brought back to life without damaging their pile and appearance.

When ordering a Professional carpet clean from your local carpet cleaning experts, you needn’t worry about having lost the instructions for the cleaning of your rugs. The experts can identify the material used in your rugs in just minutes, selecting from wet, steam, or Dry Cleaning to provide a clean that is safe and will never damage your rugs.


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