How to find a legal registered cleaning company in U.K.

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It’s so important that when booking a cleaning company to clean for you that the company you choose is trustworthy, hardworking and most importantly of all fully insured and registered. It’s so easy to fall prey to unregistered cleaners, this can lead to damages not being fixed, a poor clean for your money and in some cases even no-shows.

Many cleaning companies don’t actually require payment until after the clean has been completed and checked or they will offer for you to pay a deposit before the clean takes place. We however do not require any payment until completion. We want to be sure that you are fully satisfied with your clean before we take any money from you.

There are many ways to check whether a company is registered and insured. There are websites that will check for you, we would recommend HMRC ‘Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs’. Premium Clean is one of the professional legal and registered cleaning companies in UK.

They will be able to inform you whether the company is insured, it will also inform you of the company’s owner and address of business as well as their annual returns and information that they are actively registered. You can also see their nationality, role, date of birth, occupation and country of residence.

The HMRC will be able to answer many questions about the business and will be able to provide you with the businesses contact details if needed. There are also websites like checkatrade, they will be able to offer you customer reviews and you will be able to read about their cleans and how happy or unhappy they may have been after the clean was complete.

They will give you reviews on timekeeping, rating of cleaning staff i.e. politeness and effort that was put into the clean. These are real reviews and can really help you get to know the people you are booking with and whether they are the cleaners for you.

Written by Kiril Natov (Premium Clean Ltd. Director)

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