What to look out for when hiring a professional carpet cleaner

March 20, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Consumer Advice

When looking for goods, services or virtually anything else, the first port of call for most people these days is looking online.

The online marketplace has therefore become absolutely saturated with businesses of all types and it can be a bit daunting to tell one from the other. In the days before the internet, finding a trusted local tradesperson to clean the carpets in your home wasn’t always easy. Finding someone online should, in theory, be a little easier. With reviews on Facebook, Yelp and more, people can more readily get community feedback and get reassurance on their choices. Here are some of our top tips for finding the right carpet cleaner for your home or business.

Check with a trade association or alliance

Trade alliances and associations exist in order to bring together businesses of a similar type under a common standard. If you’re looking to hire a tradesperson or company of any type, take a look to see if they’re certified by an alliance body. They may display a badge or a link on their website, van or leaflets. This could be along the lines of ‘approved by XYZ’ or ‘XYZ certified’. Don’t just look for the badge though, not everyone is completely honest, check back with the appropriate database to ensure that they are actually certified as they claim to be. Most alliances have a search feature, failing that most will be more than happy to help you verify a member status if you don’t know how.


Insurance isn’t just incase of accidents, it’s also a sign that a company takes a professional approach. Every tradesperson you let in should be fully insured so that if anything does go wrong you know you’re safe. Many trade alliances and association, including TACCA, have requirements for this sort of thing. If you’re not sure, check the requirements of the relevant trade association or ask for the policy details of the person or company you intend to book. That last thing anyone wants is to have to replace an entire carpet due to an uninsured cleaner wreaking havoc.

Check their previous work

Most cleaners or cleaning companies have a portfolio of sorts on their website or Facebook page. Check out any pictures of their previous work, what does it look like? Is it of the standard you would expect? Don’t just take their word for it. Take a look when the images were posted, if they’ve been up there for 6 months with nothing since that’s probably a sign to move on. How many different pictures are there? Sure, we’ve all got to start somewhere, but if there are only a couple of pictures from previous clients then you really don’t have much reassurance to go on, so perhaps consider someone with more history.

Get a quote… and some safety quotes

It’s very easy to get in touch for a quote. Many types of work, from building a house to cleaning carpets can be done on such different scales that it’s not always possible to give a one price fits all quote. In both of these examples, the cheapest isn’t always the best option either, the top quality equipment and training required to achieve good results may well incur higher costs.

TACCA’s aim is to take all of these worries away by connecting you with trusted, trained, approved local carpet cleaners quickly and easily.

All our members are required to have undergone proper training, supported by top quality equipment and comprehensive insurance for working on public and private properties. Without insurance you cannot become a member, without professional grade equipment you cannot become a member, and if they’re not trained, you guessed it, they cannot become a member! If you’re looking for trustworthy carpet cleaners in your local area you’ve come to the right place, just pop your postcode in on the front page, connect with a member and get ready for carpet bliss!


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TACCA – We are committed to bringing all the professional carpet cleaners in the UK together as active members of our association. We aim to promote the benefits of using a professional, approved carpet cleaner and to help the public find a high quality, local carpet cleaning service provider.
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