How to login to the TACCA website & the benefits of getting involved!

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Are you passionate about TACCA? It’s difficult to ignore our efforts to raise the public profile of the cleaning industry and also help our members to generate more business!  Yet the TACCA website is not just about educating the public, we want to expand the influence of the association to benefit all of our amazing members – and you can help!

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To maintain a strong and growing community of like-minded carpet cleaning professionals, it’s hard to stress how valuable it can be to both your own company and also your fellow members of our association, to regularly sign in and contribute to our website.

When you have logged-in you can:

  • Access your “My Account” page where you can access the services mentioned below: 
  • Visit 
  • Use our Members-only private Forums to ask questions, share advice and much more
  • Publish your informative articles on our website to let the public know how much experience you have on specific subjects of your service portfolio
  • Publish news about your business on our blog
  • Edit/update your business profile on the TACCA website
  • Change your personal profile details and change your password
  • Contribute with comments on blog posts on our website, give your opinions and feedback
  • The more you comment and use our website, the more visibility you will get and in return more business generated from the TACCA website

Our online forums are designed to share advice, tips, and ask questions in a secure members section of the website and a thriving online discussion group is one of our steps towards raising standards, community spirit and really making a difference!  If you’re struggling to login, here is a basic guide of how you can get back online and login to our website more easily and often:

How to login or Reset your password to something more memorable:

  1. Go to Login Screen
  2. Click the button “Lost password”
  3. Enter your Username or email
  4. You will receive an email with instructions
  5. Follow the link in the email to the “set password” page where you can set a new password of your choice.

Tips & Advice

  • Once you have recovered your log in details, make sure you tick the ‘remember me’ box on the TACCA log in page.
  • In our hectic 21st century lives, based around pin numbers & passwords, it helps to have details saved securely online.
  • Let’s face it, you’re never going to find the scrunched up post-it note you originally scribbled your password on!
  • Your internet browser [Explorer/Firefox/Chrome] will also recognise your first sign in and ask to save the password – so please click yes, it’s worth it!

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Benefits to your business, from getting involved!

There are endless benefits to frequently logging in and engaging on our forums; just like those of you lucky enough to make it to the networking and training day earlier this year, these online discussions help build a sense of community with other trusted cleaning professionals in the industry.

By networking online you can educate each other with different tactics – and with knowledge that every member has to be approved upon registering , you can guarantee that the standard of advice, conversation and responses will be high!   The forums are not only an opportunity to improve your own techniques but getting friendly with members on the limits of your regional coverage can be mutually beneficial when it comes to sharing jobs and collaborating on bigger tasks.

There is also chance to engage with the public side of the website alongside following and sharing posts on TACCA’s Twitter and Facebook business profiles, to your own social media followers, (if we all do this everyone will benefit from more leads).  Whilst your company has it’s own profile on the TACCA website, those of you publishing news and articles about the industry are generating increased exposure to your business!

  • It’s not too late for the rest of you to get started – once you have saved your details, logged in, you can click “submit artcles/news.”
  • Please don’t be shy! – news can include anything from demonstrating your knowledge of carpet cleaning, to recent updates within your personal business.
  • If you have changed equipment, have new employees, mastered a particularly tough job, we would love to hear from you and all of it goes toward advertising your own website.
  • Once you publish the article it will be added to TACCA’s public blog and circulated through our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Customers who see regular articles from a certain member are more likely to click through to your personal website  – take advantage of this free advertising and increase visibility to your site today! Additionally, those members of TACCA who regularly publish on the TACCA website articles and new section, see much more traffic to their business profile and many more leads than those members who don’t get involved.

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