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Time to make the most of your membership! We’ve outlined some strategies that you can employ to ensure your business reaches it’s full potential from membership of TACCA.

Public Article and News publishing / Private members only forums

We hope to cover both ends of the spectrum as a marketing and networking tool for your cleaning business; our private members-only forums ensure you get the correct advice from the best in the industry with fully featured forums, full of experienced and helpful members of TACCA who can offer tips on any topic from your equipment, chemicals, treating tough stains right through to marketing advice and a For Sale board! At the other end of the spectrum our publicly visible article publishing facility means you can post your news, tips or advice using the submission feature through your “My Account” control panel.

According to Google, the TACCA website now has more “authority” than any of our member’s websites, which means that absolutely everyone benefits from publishing on our website. If you have news or an article about your business and you’re considering publishing it on your own blog, (or facebook even!) then consider that by publishing on the TACCA website instead, your article or news has a much higher chance of appearing in the Google search results, so your news gets more traffic and with your “Author signature” and biography at the end of every article you publish, means you get the credit and the opportunity to advertise your business. If the customer clicks on your name, they are taken directly to your website. So publishing on the TACCA website is a great opportunity to get more visibility in the search results by leveraging TACCA’s authority to get your posts ranking for a keyword you just can’t achieve with your own website and generally help our website to grow as a resource for all our users, members and the general public.

Brand Recognition & Logos

In addition to online recognition on forums and by publishing articles, you can use the TACCA logo to demonstrate to clients your commitment to a quality cleaning service.  Van stickers and embroidered badges for uniforms are available to buy via the website:  We also recommend, for continuity across branding, to include our logo as a feature on the home page of your website.  Not only will this show the value for money in choosing TACCA members, the experience, qualification and reliability necessary as part of registration, but raises the profile of the association benefitting all members in the long term.  Establishing TACCA as a strong brand online will move us closer to page 1 on internet searches, which contributes to your online presence as a feature of this website.  For embed codes for TACCA logos and for logos for printing and design, please visit this page on our website:

Social Media Involvement

Of course we are also on Twitter and Facebook and it is key that if you have an account, you follow and like our pages respectively.  Retweeting our messages on a regular basis, “liking” or following our pages with both your business and personal accounts, all of this benefits TACCA in our  messages circulating further online.

Whenever you see our messages we ask you please share them – increasing awareness of the association through social media, just like spreading the logo, means increased exposure for the brand, which benefits everyone!  We also have a members only Facebook discussion group for queries, shares and often – a bit of a laugh!

Let’s remember that at TACCA we are a team and any support we offer each other through sharing, publishing news, posting on the forums etc, actually goes on to help all members of TACCA – including your own business. We want to thank you for everything you have done and say it’s time to step up a gear and let’s have another push to the benefit of not only all our members, but also to the general public.


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