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Editing your BUSINESS profile

  • Registered members should login and then click on ”MY ACCOUNT’ in the top right –  to make edits to your business profile.
  • The business profile screen is identical to your original application form and is intended for you to correct errors in your original application – YOUR BUSINESS PROFILE IS NOT INTENDED TO BE UPDATED REGULARLY
  • Editing your business profile will REMOVE your business from our website results and send your changes to be reviewed by management
  • Re-reviewing edited business profiles can take up to 2 weeks – during this time your business listing WILL NOT BE FOUND ON OUR MAPS or SEARCH – so please provide full and accurate information in your initial application and only make changes to your business profile if completely necessary


Editing your PERSONAL Profile

  • Registered members should login and then click on ”MY ACCOUNT’ in the top right to make edits to your personal profile
  • You can edit your Personal profile at any point
  • When you make changes to your personal profile it takes several minutes before your information is displayed, so dont worry if your changes do not appear instantly
  • You can mention news and updates about your business in the “A few words about me..” box.
  • You can change your password to something more memorable at the bottom of your personal profile page.
  • More features coming soon!


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