How being a member of a trade organisation can grow your business

April 6, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Our News

Increase your visibility as visitors to the website will see your business

At TACCA, we make it easy for people using our website to see approved carpet cleaners near them with the search function on our home page. It’s quick and easy to use, and that’s what people want from an internet search!

Customers recognise the brand and know you can be trusted

TACCA has the brand recognition that a smaller cleaning company might not have by itself. We want to educate the public about the pitfalls of certain approaches to carpet cleaning and demonstrate the value for money you can get when you choose carpet cleaners who know what they are doing, making TACCA a seal of approval for businesses.

When prospective customers are trying to decide which company to go with these days, searching for reviews and testimonies is often a first port of call. This gives customers the reassurance that they aren’t about to hire a bunch of cowboys, and if you are a member of TACCA can help reinforce this.

Boost SEO with a high authority link to your website

Search Engine Optimisation is a full time job and you’ll need all the help you can get to appear near the top of the page in a Google search. A link on our website will boost your Search Engine Optimisation and make it more likely that even those who aren’t using the TACCA site directly will land on your page when they’re searching for carpet cleaning in your area. Being up at the top of the list will increases the chances of people clicking and can increase the amount of business you get.

Gain knowledge and experience

Get involved in a community of carpet cleaners who are passionate about what they do, sharing advice and news about the industry. Our training days have been a huge success and have allowed members to get together with skilled trainers and other business owners to gain valuable knowledge about the industry, whether they are experienced pros or they’re just starting up.

Heads up on special offers and training days

Stay in the loop on a social network designed to help you do what you do. We have special offers from industry leading suppliers to go alongside our successful training days. The more you get involved the more you’ll get out of your TACCA membership.



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TACCA – We are committed to bringing all the professional carpet cleaners in the UK together as active members of our association. We aim to promote the benefits of using a professional, approved carpet cleaner and to help the public find a high quality, local carpet cleaning service provider.
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