Why does online marketing matter for carpet cleaners?

December 9, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Marketing Tips,Tips for Carpet Cleaners

With over 3.5 billion searches per day on Google alone, online marketing offers an unparalleled means for businesses to reach new customers. Never in history has there been such an immediate opportunity to connect with so many people. With so much traffic online, Google and other online search companies are now more focussed than ever on improving the way internet users connect with local businesses.

Imagine yourself as a potential customer looking for a carpet cleaning service online. If a simple Google search for ‘carpet cleaners’ produced a list of all the carpet cleaners in the world it would take forever to find a suitable option. Nowadays, search engines are smart and apply location-based filtering to their results. These filters mean that searches prioritise results based on your location; a search for ‘carpet cleaners’ yields a list of carpet cleaners close to the location of the user.

Even if a user is based in a very small town or village, the results are still likely to list a great deal of companies which serve the local area. In a city, this number could be in the thousands, in a large city perhaps in the tens of thousands. Browsing such a long list of results is time consuming, so much so that now less than 10% of people using Google look beyond page one of the results. Recent figures show that a third of search users don’t even look beyond the first result, never mind the first page! Some studies even put this figure at over 50%.

Clearly then, if you’re interested in getting more customers clicking through to your website you want to get yourself appearing as close to the top of the results as possible… but how does Google decide which companies appear at the top of the results list?

The order the results are displayed in is referred to as the ranking of the page, those closer to the top are said to have a higher ranking than those lower down. A huge number of factors influence the order in which search results are displayed and the ranking of individual websites. Online marketers aim to digest all of the evidence out there and use their knowledge to push their clients up towards the top of the search results list. This means carefully scouring all over the internet to ensure that reputable and authoritative websites vouch for the client’s website. References to your website on other reputable websites, the BBC website for example, signal to Google that it’s a legitimate business. In this case, you could say the the BBC website has high ‘authority’. The greater the authority of the website your business appears on, the bigger the positive impact on your website’s ranking. There are other factors; simple checks like ensuring contact details are accurate and match records held on the maps database and other directories are essential. Discrepancies signal to Google that a business may not be properly established or trustworthy and often result in poor rankings performance. Careful and deliberate tweaks to the wording used on websites as well as good design also helps Google identify certain business websites as more useful than others, meaning they appear higher in the results. Nevertheless, high authority references to your website are the spinach for your Popeye, providing a noticeable boost to your website’s ranking.

These considerations are at the forefront of every modern digital marketing strategy. Carpet cleaners, just like any other businesses with an online presence, can benefit massively from online marketing. You don’t need to be a marketing expert to get the boost you’re looking for though, TACCA can help! Because of our rigorous high standards and approval process, search engines attribute high authority to listings on the TACCA website. This means that if your business is listed on TACCA, search engines recognise your expertise and reward you with a boost in your search rankings. The reasoning is as follows; TACCA is an established reputable organisation, if you’re part of TACCA you must be a reputable business. This is exactly what search engines want to deliver front and centre to their users so you appear higher in the results.


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