What to do if you spill red wine on your carpet

March 23, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Consumer Advice

It’s so easy to let your guard down for a second and place your wine glass in an ill advised location and – whoops – the glass gets knocked and it’s now all over the carpet! Action stations, you need to think and move fast to get this sorted. The internet is full of advice on what to do when red wine has an intimate meeting with your carpet, it can be little confusing trying to digest of all it. When this disaster pops up, don’t panic, follow our advice and there’s every chance your carpet will live to see another day… but hopefully not another spill!

First up, don’t wipe or scrub at the spill.

This is a rookie error and will make it worse, the last thing we want is to push the spill further into the carpet. What you need to do is ‘blot’ the stain with a clean paper towel or cloth, even an old t-shirt will just about suffice if you have nothing else to hand. Blotting means an up and down movement, tapping on the top of the spill and lifting away from it. The aim is to lift the spill away as it becomes absorbed into the material you’re blotting with. If you have a couple of cloths or towels you can use then great, as soon as one gets saturated whip out a new one and carry on!

When blotting, always start at the edge of the spill rather than the middle. An edge-first approach will gradually pull away at the spill bit by bit. If you were to start blotting in the middle you run the risk of making the spill worse because what you’re blotting with may not be able to absorb the spill quickly enough. Not only that, but if it’s a heavy spill it could cause ripples which spread the liquid further out.

Dilute, dilute, dilute.

After you’ve carried out a decent blotting and are starting to see diminishing returns a little cold, clean water can also help. Try pouring a very small amount onto a cloth and gently blotting a little more. This should dilute and loosen more of the spill and allow a little more absorption. Remember to keep an eye on what you’re blotting with; once it has absorbed a decent amount of the spill you’ll need to at least wring it out or preferably use something else to avoid putting the colour pigments back into the carpet.

Phase two.

Once you’ve blotted all that you can blot, it’s time for phase two. Whilst you might have gotten rid of the bulk of it, red wine is know for causing stains, so unfortunately the chances are there will still be a little soil left behind from the spill. Never fear, there’s one more thing that just might cure the problem.

The professional angle.

Hiring the services of a TACCA approved carpet cleaner can help clear up what’s left after the dust has settled. You don’t have to put up with a dark, shadowy mark on the carpet. Our carpet cleaners are trained, trusted and approved to offer outstanding carpet cleaning services with the best equipment on the market. Our database of fully insured members is postcode searchable, so you can support local businesses and get results quickly. Not only that, but ask our members about the stain prevention treatments they offer for carpets. Many offer scotchguard or similar treatments which can help prevent damage from future spills… although unfortunately they can’t prevent the accident from happening in the first place!

If you need a little help getting stains out of your carpet then why not enter your postcode into the search box at the top of the page, and find a local TACCA approved, carpet cleaner to help you out today.


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