Selecting the right carpet cleaner for end of tenancy cleaning

February 9, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Consumer Advice

The property has to be handed back to the letting agent or land lord in an acceptable condition in order to receive 100% of  the deposit.

Nearly all tenancy agreements will stipulate that the carpets should be professionally cleaned before the keys are returned, in some cases the agent will insist on written proof from the carpet cleaner that the job has been carried out and in most cases inspect the quality of the clean.

Its a bit of a dilemma when faced with an extra expense you really could do without, after all the cost of getting a professional carpet cleaner is something you could do without!

The objective here is to get that deposit back ASAP

Here are a few tips to help

  1. Forget trying to hire a carpet cleaning machine and do the job yourself, your tenancy agreement will clearly state that a professional should carry out the job.
  2. Find out from the agent if the agreement insists on a “Steam Clean” failure to meet this level of clean could result in monies being withheld
  3. Carpet cleaners who refuse or cant produce a receipt are not going to be much use to you.
  4. A receipt without a professional clean is also no use… Agents and landlords have got wise to this!
  5. The cheapest possible quote will no doubt save you money as long as the landlord or agent is happy with the quality of the clean… is it worth the risk?

We would strongly advise people to call around and obtain around 3 quotes, make sure the carpet cleaner explains exactly what they propose to do for the fee, type of service and method, this will have a bearing on cost and ultimately the results.

A cheap quote could end up costing you way more than you expect… especially if the carpet cleaner damages the carpets by using  incorrect chemicals, or over wetting…

You could put your self in the shoes of the carpet cleaner, if you were only being paid £30 to clean someone’s carpets, would you go the extra mile and do a thorough job? or would you simply rush the job and move on to the next one? Remember… your area is flooded with poor quality carpet cleaners who offer low prices in return for poor quality workmanship!

The difference between booking a £50 or £90 carpet cleaner could make all the difference between you getting your deposit back or not!

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  1. William Stanners said on February 10, 2013 9:45 am:

    I once spent 3.5 hours cleaning a 12×12 room in an eot clean. I Used 3 separate methods to achieve MY desired result. It made a great before and after image and the tenant was blown away, as was the landlord. I now clean all his properties.