Social media: What, why and how?

December 8, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Events

You’ve no doubt heard people chirping on about Twitter and Facebook, far from being the latest online fad they’re most certainly here to stay, with over 60% of the UK now active users. It’s really important to connect with these people, there are far too many millions to ignore and doing so is giving away valuable leads to your competition. The sooner you become active on social media, the sooner your following will grow and the more reputable your business will become in the online community.

The most basic element of social media, whether Facebook, Twitter or other services, is your profile. Your profile is your base, your own personal space within the service. Think of it as your store window, you’ll have limited space to play with and you’ll want to use it wisely. Proudly display your company branding and keep it looking neat and tidy in order to build trust with potential customers.

It can’t be all style and no substance though, customers want to see that you can walk the walk, so you’ll need to post useful and helpful information not just sales talk. Unfortunately it’s not enough to simply have a page and do nothing with it, otherwise when customers come knocking on your shop door and get no answer, they’re likely to move on.

The aim is to prove yourself useful or interesting enough to a potential customer that they ‘like’ or ‘follow’ you. By doing this, the customer is signalling that they have an interested in you and your business. Whilst this might not produce any immediate results, these ‘fans’ of your services will now see more of the messages, pictures and other things you post on your social media channels. It has been said that before committing to buy a product or service, potential customers need to notice businesses and brands around 7 times. Once you’ve been ‘liked’ you have your chance you build up a trustworthy, good impression of your company and are on your way to making a sale.

But what kind of thing should you be doing on your social media channels? The main thing to remember is, yes, promoting your services is important, but don’t flood the page with sales information. After a while any potential customer will feel they’ve seen it all before and lose interest. Take a look at our social media pages; we regularly post a variety of content. It’s important to grow your community of fans by offering them useful information and industry knowledge that might help to them. For example, tips about how to keep carpets looking their best, or what to do it they spill a glass of wine are likely to appreciated. If customers feel that liking or following your page could benefit them they’ll engage with you and your chances of making a sale increase.

On top of that, the more interesting people find your posts, the more likely they are to ‘share’ them to their own friends. This sharing is a bit like classic word of mouth marketing, people saying ‘I like this and I think my friends will too’. Votes of confidence like this have a huge positive impact on how people see your business and will help your reach new customers.

Social media is two way, not only can you reach customers, but they can reach you too. This means that any questions customers have might be sent via your Facebook or Twitter page, you don’t want to miss these or you’ll erode the trust of potential customers. People may even message you with a complaint or concern, they might even be a bit rude from time to time. The best thing you can do is lead by example, always be kind and polite and try to help. Other customers will notice and you’ll win their respect, the first step to securing their future business!

You should experiment with different ways of running and posting to your social media channels. You could think of it as a diary to talk about what you’ve been up to, post photographs of work you’re proud of, or even tell a few jokes. The more you embrace what’s there, the more likely you are to reach out into the vast database of users that exists and start building connections.

If you don’t already have a profile, get signed up today and start building your following. It might feel a bit slow at first, but the likes and followers will build over time and that time is passing right now! Remember, every single social media account started with zero followers to get to the hundreds or thousands they have now, perhaps start by asking a few friends or family members to take a look to get you going. TACCA can help here too, let us know when you’re up and running and have made a few posts and we’ll vouch for you with some likes and shares.


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