TACCA Membership Instructions

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Website Registration

  1. To prevent spam & fake applications – you must register with our website before you can apply for membership
  2. Register with your real name and business email, then wait for your password to be emailed to you
  3. Follow the instructions in your welcome email to login to our website
  4. Now logged-in, you can complete your personal profile, comment on news and articles or submit your application for membership

Submitting your Membership Application

  1. While logged-in, return to the ‘Apply for membership’ page and click “Apply” to see the full member application form
  2. Please be as detailed as possible in your application so it can be processed quickly
  3. Your business profile will appear on our website if your application is approved

We are looking forward to receiving your applications for membership!

Member instructions

Read: TACCA Members Business & Personal Profile Instructions


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TACCA – We are committed to bringing all the professional carpet cleaners in the UK together as active members of our association. We aim to promote the benefits of using a professional, approved carpet cleaner and to help the public find a high quality, local carpet cleaning service provider.
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