TACCA requirements: How you can be confident your local carpet cleaner is a pro

March 24, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Consumer Advice

The aim of TACCA is to connect the general public with high quality, trained local carpet cleaners.

In the past it has been a challenge to connect with local carpet cleaners whom you can trust to be truly professional. We set about to change that and we did. You can now connect with a local professional carpet cleaner quicker and easier than ever with our postcode searchable database.

We want you to find someone who will deliver outstanding results with an assurance that they have all the necessary qualifications and cover to work in your home or business. To achieve this goal, we needed to set up a system of checks and requirements for anyone wishing to join TACCA. Look out for our logo on the website of any carpet cleaner you’re thinking about employing. Remember, if companies and individuals do not meet our requirements they cannot become a member of TACCA and cannot use our logo. If in doubt, check with us!

What does it mean to display a TACCA badge? What do our requirements ensure and what do they mean for you? If you’re new here, we want to explain a few points about what’s required of our members so you can sleep soundly in the knowledge that we’ll only every connect you to properly qualified local carpet cleaners you can trust.


All TACCA members are required to posses valid public liability insurance in order for their business listing to be displayed on the site. They are asked to send proof of insurance to our team, who thoroughly check all information on the documents. Only once the documents have been reviewed is the listing processed. One of the reasons TACCA came into existence was a lack of proper professional standards in the carpet cleaning industry. Historically many traders have operated without insurance, you’ll likely still find unapproved cleaners out there. Whilst they may offer a very small discount compared to some more established firms, it really isn’t worth the risk employing the services of someone who cannot cover your loses in the event of an accident. In our opinion, being covered by insurance is also a sign that a carpet cleaner takes a professional approach to running their business.


We want everyone who finds a carpet cleaner through TACCA to get the best possible results, so we devised equipment requirements to ensure that our members only work with true professional grade tools. We ask that all members own some form of hot water extraction machine. We also ask for at least one rotary machine, as well as some form of mechanical agitation. These are the minimum requirements that ensure members have the equipment, that in our experience, is needed to achieve professional cleaning results for their customers, but many of our proud members choose to go above and beyond these requirements, with the latest technologies and sharing their findings with the community. You’ll find that by getting in touch with one of our members that they will be able to advise on the best cleaning procedure for your needs, as these vary drastically from case to case depending on the carpet fibres, colours, materials and soilage.


All the equipment in the world will mean nothing if the operator does not know how to use it properly. We require all members to have undergone at least two recognised training courses prior to membership. The courses we ask them to have completed are drawn from a range of long running schemes from bodies such as the NCCA and the IICRC as well as companies such as Prochem, Cleansmart, Alltec and CSUK. Why these courses? They mean that we only work with people with a proper level of competency and professionalism. These are established firms with a long pedigree of success in the cleaning industry.

Connect with a local pro today.

Not everyone finds it easy to meet these requirements and we regularly turn new people away if they don’t cut the mustard. TACCA membership is a badge of honour and a seal of quality. If you’re looking for a trusted, trained, approved carpet cleaner in your local area, look no further!


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