How do TACCA’s entry requirements help you get more business?

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The goal of TACCA is to help match professional carpet cleaners to customers. In order to achieve this, we work hard to establish TACCA as a trustworthy brand, and work with carpet cleaners that have the skills and equipment to provide a high quality of service.

It’s our strict entry requirements are what makes TACCA a reputable brand. These are:

Hot water extraction machine with minimum 100psi and twin vacs

Having this type of equipment ss standard for TACCA members and means that customers who use us to find the right carpet cleaner for them can be assured they will get a thorough and deeper clean. More pressure means more suctions, which means that carpets will be left cleaner and drier. Cheaper machines are not always capable of achieving this and risks a number of negative effects. Insufficient suction can leave carpets damp, causing them so shrink, release odours or even become mouldy. A lack of proper pulling power also means that dirt may be left in the carpet, leaving only a superficial clean or even making things worse.

At least 1 rotary machine (this can double as agitation if you have a brush attachment) and Some form of mechanical agitation. CRB, Rotary etc…

A rotary machine as a number of uses, but is essential for making sure that cleaning products are properly applied to a carpet. While these machines are very versatile, in our experience they will be a key tool for any carpet cleaner.

Full insurance

As with anything in life, it is never possible to guarantee an outcome with 100% certainty. So in the unlikely event that damage is caused to your customer’s property, we want people using TACCA to know that the business they choose is fully insured. As well as giving customers peace of mind, having insurance is also indication that a carpet cleaner runs their business as a professional and is therefore capable of providing a good service.

least 2 forms of recognised training. (IICRC, NCCA, TACCA, Cleansmart are all recognised by us, We may consider other forms of training, please enquire if unsure). You will be required to keep up with training through events and other training courses.

This means we know you are capable of doing the job properly. These are the basic requirements for competent carpet cleaning. we let people in willy nilly we couldn’t be sure that they would do a good job. Any below par cleaners associated with TACCA will give everyone a bad name. We don’t have time to audition everyone in person but we still require evidence that our carpet cleaners know how to put their equipment to proper use. Our years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry tell us that these requirements will provide this evidence.

Anyone can claim to be a carpet cleaner, but we want customers using TACCA To know that our members have all the skill, equipment and experience required to do a great job. Naturally, when most people look for any product or service they attempt to get the best value for their money. The problem with something like carpet cleaning is that you often have no way of knowing how good the service is until the work has been completed. If you simply choose the cheapest option you might get a terrible service that does more damage than good. At TACCA we want to help customers avoid getting into that kind of situation, and this approach is beneficial for the industry as a whole.



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