Fabric and carpet urine detection – guess or impress! (Member tips)

July 11, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Tips for Carpet Cleaners

We have all been called out to a customers home at some point in out careers to have a look at an area of the carpet where Fido piddled! So the customer points in the general direction of the accident and we usually get on the floor for  sniff…. not the most hygienic way to detect urine. Like many carpet cleaners i opted for a cheap £25 “urine finder” and thought that’s it im sorted… the truth is these budget torches will work as long as you make sure the room is completely dark and even then you still need to be about 30cm away from the carpet.

With this in mind i decided to build my own torch from the best components i could source in order to create a very powerful torch which could still work even with ambient light and at a distance of over 1m from the carpet.

With a powerful UV torch i can now pinpoint exactly where the urine or most other bodily fluids are and achieve a much more accurate clean, the customer also appreciates the fact that you the carpet cleaner can give a visual demonstration to where the problem is and offer a post clean inspection to show complete removal.

I have also found that if the customer can see a problem they are more inclined to allow you to go a step further and charge a little more over and above the usual cleaning rate.

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